“Underground” tea and cake at a “pop-up” craft market in the East End – a perfect pre-Chirstmas Sunday outing if it hadn’t been for the torrential rain. Here are Chiara and Lorenzo working out our next move. Let me explain. Underground dining is a phenomenon that has apparently taken off all over the world, where non-chefs cook for strangers for money, effectively becoming restaurateur for a night. (Find your local underground dining venue here.) Pop-up shops share a similar under the radar theme, literally popping up in a retail space for a short while before disappearing again, often co-ops of young designers and craftspeople. It’s another one of those things that have been made possible by the internets and social networking sites, which provide an effective and low-cost way of spreading the word. You can follow the movements of the Swanfield pop-up boutique here. Yum!